Our customers know firsthand that BranchServ and CV Cash Automation is unsurpassed in its ability to deliver automation solutions. We'll let them tell you in their own words.


“BranchServ has been able to provide Polish National Credit Union with the technology that makes the members time spent at the teller window shorter and the tellers work faster.  The LTA-350 cash recyclers have helped us support the changes to keep pace with the changing wants and needs of our members.
— Kevin Kober, Director of Retail, Polish National Credit Union


“Adopting the LTA-350 cash recycler has lot of very positive effects.  Our total experience dealing with cash is so superior to where we were before.  I'd say that any grocery store that is not considering this technology should probably revisit their decision."
— Nancy Adams, Owner, Piggly Wiggly Sanford


“I would rate BranchServ an A+ for service and communication.”
— Vice President of Retail Delivery



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