LG CNS Introduces the Total Solution for Secure Cash Recycling With the LTA-350

Innovative technology and best-in-breed support help financial institutions transform their branches with improved productivity and superior customer service

Bethel, CT: LG CNS is pleased to announce the launch of the new LTA-350 Cash Recycler in North America. The LTA-350 will be available to financial institutions that want to increase efficiency, improve customer service and productivity, and save money. By combining world-class technology and partnering with leading service and support providers, such as BranchServ, LG CNS can help banks and credit unions give their customers the outstanding service they deserve. The LTA-350 will be distributed through best-in-class resellers throughout the country.

According to Billy Back, President of LG CNS America, “Financial institutions are under constant pressure to reduce costs and increase security at their branches, all while engaging current customers and bringing in new ones. Whether you have an outdated cash recycler, or are looking to incorporate them into your branch, our goal is to make that transition process as seamless as possible with a true, comprehensive solution.”

The innovative LG CNS LTA-350 technology can increase efficiency, security and cost control in branches — all while building better relationships with customers. The most advanced cash recycling solution on the market, the user-friendly LTA-350 can elevate service levels and increase profitability at the same time.

“We are pleased to partner with leading service providers like BranchServ to help financial institutions optimize their productivity and profits and improve the customer experience,” said Billy Back. “We are confident that by combining our leading technology with superior service, we can be the complete resource that banks and credit unions need to transform their business.”

About LG CNS:
LG CNS is one of LG Corp.’s affiliated companies and is a leading global provider of financial automation systems that serve both financial institutions and their customers. LG CNS provides smart systems for teller business process and branch automation to support fast and accurate cash processing and real-time cash management. In addition to basic financial automation devices such as ATMs and CDs, LG CNS also provides hardware and solutions carefully designed to improve business efficiency and customer convenience throughout the branch space.

About BranchServ:
Founded in 1999 as a division of Custom Vault Corporation, BranchServ provides physical and electronic security equipment and service solutions to more than 8,700 bank branches and credit unions nationwide, including three of the 10 largest branch banking networks in the United States. Through automation solutions, they help customers achieve a branch transformation by creating an optimal customer experience while supporting profit growth. With innovative technology and superior project management and service, BranchServ helps banks and credit unions eliminate the barriers to branch success.




David Pepin