Conquer the cash challenge at your service desk with solutions from CV Cash Automation.

Many grocery stores now offer financial services as a means to recycle cash in-store, expand offerings and convert service desk users to grocery store shoppers.  Regrettably, managing cash can be cumbersome, with an inherent security risk.  CV Cash Automation has a solution!

The LTA-350 cash recycler offers advanced technology and unique benefits including:

  • Auto audit
  • Superior counterfeit detection
  • Cassette cash management for optimal security and efficiency

And we are now interfaced with Branchware Retail from Compuflex to automate and improve cash processing capabilities at the service desk for your stores.  Software supports the grocer’s ability to:

  • Track and summarize transactions to simplify balancing
  • Create ad-hoc cash categories
  • Save time during every cashier open and close

The complete solution cuts hours from cashier count downs and streamlines balancing the safe and store.  And the labor saved alone can result in a compelling ROI.  More importantly, the LTA-350 from CV Cash Automation with BranchWare Retail provides enhanced protection against losses from shrinkage, counterfeits, and theft.


Conquer Your Cash Challenges with CV Cash Automation!

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