Check Cashing

Cash is at the very heart of check cashing operations, and managing currency in such high volume can be cumbersome and error-prone at best.  Furthermore, security is not an option, but rather critical to survival.  Automation technology from CV Cash Automation can help!

The LTA-350 cash recycler is integrated with Branchware Retail from Compuflex to address your specific retail needs and:

  • Runs multiple applications in order to support services such as check cashing, money, orders, Western Union, bill pay and more
  • Provides a direct integration with all systems to eliminate dual key requirements
  • Tracks and summarizes transactions to simplify balancing
  • Consolidates and categorizes the data for customized reporting
  • Delivers the ability to audit automatically for less cash exposure
  • Keeps your cash safe – literally – with a UL rated bank safe built into the recycler

Ultimately, the LTA-350 solution will improve your efficiency, accuracy, and security.  The technology eliminates counterfeit currency, cuts hours from cashier count downs, and streamlines balancing the safe and store.  And the labor saved alone can result in a compelling ROI.  More importantly, the LTA-350 from CV Cash Automation with BranchWare Retail provides enhanced protection against losses from shrinkage, counterfeits, and theft.

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