BranchServ Targeting the LTA-350 Recycler for Continued Success

BETHEL, Conn., Nov. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/

BranchServ, a Division of Custom Vault Corporation, hasdemonstrated its continued commitment to the cash recycler business; revealing accelerated support for placement in banks and credit unions nationwide. Furthermore, the company plans to extend the LTA-350 cash recycler product portfolio over the coming months.

In 2016, BranchServ secured exclusive rights for the distribution of the LG LTA-350 in North America, and LG’s intent to transfer manufacturing to Korean powerhouse Atec solidifies the future of this recycler technology. Atec is scheduled to complete the LG acquisition on December 6, 2017 and has already announced its intention to grow the business through assisted self-service and cash recycling technology. Atec has close ties to LG and is seeking to expand their foreign market presence via a focused effort, with resources allocated accordingly. Specifically, according to ATM Marketplace, “Atec aims to grow the business through the addition of smart financial technologies and hardware export.” According to David Pepin, Chief Operating Officer for BranchServ, “BranchServ is more dedicated than ever to this recycler technology. It continues to deliver market leading capabilities, security and value. And partnering with Atec ensures high-level support for the evolution of cash recycling and transaction technology for our company and our customers.”

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About BranchServ Founded in 1999 as a division of Custom Vault Corporation, BranchServ provides physical and electronic security equipment and service solutions, in addition to cash automation, for more than 12,000 bank branches and credit unions nationwide. This includes three of the ten largest branch banking networks in the United States. The fastest growing provider in the industry, BranchServ combines a client-driven service focus with unparalleled experience; empowering branch networks to improve operational efficiencies, lower costs, and enhance the end-customer experience.

About Atec ATEC Co., Ltd operates in three business areas: LCD application products, systems integration products, and RFID application products include bus ticketing systems, cash counting machines, automated chargers, KTL machines and bus card validators. The LG acquisition will fall under RFID application products. ATEC Co., Ltd. is based in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, and was incorporated in 1993 as ATEC System.

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