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Efficiency. Security. Convenience. Results.
With CV Cash Automation.

The LTA-350 Cash Recycler

Advanced technology designed for banking and other cash-intensive applications.


The LTA-350 Cash Recycler
in Action

And see how this technology could benefit your bank or credit union!


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Hear How Piggly Wiggly Sanford Increased Security and Efficiencies with the LTA-350

And Consider How Your Retail Establishment Could Benefit from This Technology


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How the LTA-350 Works
for Retail

And Learn How the Hardware and Software Work Together to Optimize Your Retail Results

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The Automation Decision

Increased Efficiency

Reduce cash-handling time by up to 50%
and reallocate staff to build
customer relationships.

Cost Reduction

Streamline cash flow to cut
transaction times and cash-holding costs
and improve cash forecasting.

Increased Security

Reduce the risks associated with cash
by limiting your exposure and
securing all cash on the floor.

Your Industry, Our Business

No matter what industry you represent, CV Cash Automation is here to meet your needs for cash processing technology.

  • Banking
  • Grocery
  • Other Retail
  • Check Cashing


Connect with your customers in a whole new way with solutions from CV Cash Automation.

With new recycling technology, branch design becomes more efficient, transactional labor requirements are better managed, and institutions are able to focus on relationships and cross-selling opportunities.

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Conquer the cash challenge at your service desk with solutions from CV Cash Automation.

The LTA350 cash recycler is now interfaced with Branchware Retail from Compuflex to automate and improve cash processing capabilities at the service desk.

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Other Retail

Is cash management a problem for your retail stores?

No matter how big or small your footprint, CV Cash Automation can help deliver enhanced security, better managerial oversight and fewer headaches for your staff.

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Check Cashing

Cash is at the very heart of check cashing operations, and managing currency in such high volume can be cumbersome and error-prone at best.

Furthermore, security is not an option, but rather critical to survival.  Automation technology from CV Cash Automation can help!

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Featuring the CV Cash Automation LTA-350 Cash Recycler

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